Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Everybody Needs a Guide in Uncharted Territory

Today will be my last post for a week.
 I will be back on January 15 with the blog's grandopening. 

I'd like to share one reason that as I, as a 52 year old with no tech saavy, am moving into the social media world.  Well, as a Christian woman I believe that one of my roles as an "older woman" is to help others particularly younger women to walk in their faith,  love their husband and children and all those around them.  Each of us have giftedness, experiences, and training where we gain skill.

My unique area of experience is being a mom in a family with a special needs and learning different child.  I may be one step or many steps in front of my readers but would love to serve as a guide in any way I can. It is done one step by step by connecting one piece at a time.

 I'll see you on Januarey 15!