Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Off to a New Adventure

Here we go!  Thanks for joining me on this new adventure. In one way I can convince myself I know what I'm doing.  I've parented a learning different child for 18 years.  Of course, I should have this parenting thing under control.  No problem.  Right?  The moment I begin to think like that I am only kidding myself. If I think I'm in control of this world of parenting a child with learning differences, I'm not facing reality. Everyday is a new day with new experiences:  joys and challenges.

Change can be exciting and a little scary.  We know that as parents.  I am beginning a new phase of life as a mom with older children.  The timing seems right to reach out beyond my family, church and community.   As I walk down this new path of blogging, that's where this adventure begins.

After we get our feet wet for a week, the regular format will begin.  On Mondays we will look at ways to advocate for your child.  Tuesdays we'll look at diagnostic information, accommodations and strategies.  Everyday will be written with a faith based mindset but Wednesday will center on applying the Bible to parenting our children.  Thursday will have posts on parenting and on Friday, I want to be a cheerleader giving lots of encouragement to keep going.

Thanks for joining me.!