Monday, January 21, 2013

What Does Advocacy Mean?

 Today, let’s explore the topic of advocacy. We hear the word all the time especially in the area of special needs and disability.  But what does advocacy mean? The dictionary definition of an advocate is to speak, plead or argue in favor of, to support.

A parent is the most natural person to serve as an advocate for her child. No one loves a child as much as she does. The parent has a huge influence on the child’s life and wants the absolute best.  The parent is the expert of the child. Never forget that.  It’s so important that I’ll say it again.  The parent is the expert of the child.  Others will be involved with the child for a limited amount of time. Parents are involved with their child for a lifetime.

It only makes sense for you as the parent advocate to be at the center of any decisions for your child’s education or otherwise.  Use your role and responsibility to gain the best opportunities for your child.   Your child will be blessed to have a parent who is an advocate.