Monday, September 23, 2013

Is School Going OK? Request an Early Conference

About this time of year, I was usually depressed, singing praises or not facing reality.  What do I mean? If things at school were going really bad, my son’s school would already have contacted me.  If I had not heard from his teacher, I was very happy thinking school was going great. If there was no communication from school, I was happy pretending life was wonderful!
After a few years of one of these reactions, I learned I needed to be more proactive.  One way of “making sure” how things are going is to request an early fall conference.  
Our school had fall conferences in early November.  If I waited until then, there was little time to redeem or reorganize before the holidays began.  That meant that no significant changes could be made until January.  We lost an entire semester of learning.

An early conference in October might help you redeem the semester for your child while there’s still time. Give this a try and see if it makes a difference for everyone.