Monday, November 25, 2013

Advocating during Thanksgiving

Today, is the beginning of a big week.  Here are some last minute considerations that may not be thought of  before now.

If you are traveling:  
Put together a packing list.  Think about  clothes, toys, books, technology.  This is a list that will help “you and your child” get through this weekend  with happy people.  This is not the time to put in place a “fast" on my child’s obsessive interests.  There will be other times to pursue this but a weekend that is challenging socially is certainly not the time.  

Determine the schedule for the time you are away.  Try to insure some down time for your children where there is some type of “normal”  time sprinkled in between the “special” activities.

Prepare your child for any activities  that will happen during the weekend.  Preparation is important for going to dinner at your old friends house, going out to a restaurant with friends, a light display, a visit to see Santa at the mall or whatever you will do on your trip.  

If your are staying in town but are doing some special activities during the weekend after Thanksgiving, preparation is also important.  Remember restaurants may be busier and stores will definitely be at full capacity.  

How do I prepare him?  Take the social story from last week about Thanksgiving day and replace the situation with the information your child needs about the schedule and behavior expectations and go over it several times before your family does each special activity. Remember the rule prepare, prepare, prepare.  You’ll be glad you did.