Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Writing a Thanksgiving Social Story

As discussed in previous days, holidays are tough when parenting a child with learning differences.  I have plenty of “things that went wrong” stories at holiday celebrations.  Let’s not concentrate on those because I bet you do too!  Let’s concentrate on planning for a better time!  Below is a format for writing a easy social story for a holiday event.  
On _________________    morning we will get up, get dressed, eat breakfast and then leave for _______________  house.  We will ride in the car for one hour.  It will go fast because we will watch__________________ in the van on the way there.  
When we arrive at ________________ house, we will get out of the car and go into the house.  We will go upstairs to ______________ bedroom and I will start a video for you to watch with a snack.  Your cousins__________, _____________, and ___________  will watch the movie with you.  We may need to stop the movie before it’s done but I will give you a warning before I stop it.  After we eat lunch, you will be able to come upstairs and finish the movie.  
When it’s time for lunch, Dad will come get you and bring you to the kitchen.  We will stand in a circle and hold hands and pray.  Mom will sit with you in the kitchen and dad will get your food.  Dad will sit with you while mom gets her food.  When you finish your food, you can go upstairs and finish the movie with your cousins.  
When the movie is finished, we will leave to go home.  You can play on the IPad on the way home.