Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Bible Characters: People Just Like US

As I continue my Bible reading plan, I continue to learn and re-learn a lot of things about human nature.  A person may be full of faith and lack it the next. Abraham could not believe Sarah would have a baby when he was 100 and she was 90.  It happened.  Abraham was willing to sacrifice his own son on the altar to obey God.   She might be deceptive today and full of honor tomorrow. Abraham deceived two heads of nations that Sarah was his sister (she sort of was - different mothers) instead of his wife because he has afraid he would be killed because the leaders would want her as a wife.  Abraham went to help his nephew Lot escape from the evil that surrounded him though it was dangerous.  The long and short of it:  there were days that Abraham took a road of obedience and there were days he stopped short of it.  There were some days that disobedience to God was the only way to categorize what was happening.

As I read the pages of the bible (this is a little figurative because I read on a  computer screen), I notice that Bible characters are a lot like me.  Sometimes disobedient to God's commands.  Other times, I am partially following God's law but have a hard time doing it completely.  There are a few times that I do what I suppose to do.....YES!  But I need to watch out for arrogance on my part because I can't be fully committed to God and obeying his Word with out his strength and power.  I will fall on my face if I think I can.  When I'm doing as I should....I need to say, "Yes, God.  Thank you for enabling me to follow through in the way you desire.

It is encouraging that God uses real people that have flaws to display his power through them when they trust their life to him.