Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Where do We Start?

Independence is vital but how and where does a parent start? Honestly, I don't have a definitive answer but there are a few keys


Key 1: Determine some goals in a variety areas. Remember many small immediate goals can build the framework for bigger skills. For example, teaching your child that if he doesn't know what to do next, he can ask for help. This may seem self-evident but it may not be for your child. Asking for help is a way to reduce your child's difficult behavior and lower his anxiety. This is the first step toward becoming a independent problem solver.

Key 2: Find accommodations that allow her to be age appropriate. For example: if fine motor skills are weak, find other ways for your child to fasten shoes until she is able tie shoes.

Key 3: Help him develop resiliency. Independence requires "a stick to it" lifestyle for a child with learning differences. Many of the skills needed are not easy for your son or daughter. He may want to give up even before she begins. She needs to develop perseverance. This will not be easy.for a child. It will require encouragement and motivation.

Key 4: As a parent teaches skills, it is important to continue to move forward even it is very incremental. The way to make progress toward the goal of independence is continually working. Slow and steady wins the race!

Key 5: What is the next step? What areas are important to consider? How do I determine what skills build toward independence. How do I teach these skills? What if my child doesn't want to learn these new skills? How do I problem solve this? How do these small steps work together to produce independence?

Let's look at each of these keys over the next few weeks. I'm looking forward to exploring this topic of independence with you!