Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Structure and Predictability: People

Last week we looked at structuring the home environment to help a child predict what will happen next.  Structure and predictability must be found in people that the child inacts as well as the physical structure of a room or home.  People will never be as predictable as “things” can be.  There are a few ways that will help individuals become more predictable to others. 

 It’s important to remember that the result of structure is to enable others to predict how we will respond and act in common situations. This is achieved through adults that have a calm demeanor. The adult must be organized enough to have the margins to be flexible.  I can’t stress this enough. Flexibility comes through maintaining some margins in your schedule and responsibilities.  If the adult is stressed, no flexibility will occur.  Flexibility with consistency in patience, calmness and follow through is necessary. Organization and flexibility:  together, a winning combination.