Thursday, December 5, 2013

Parenting during the school program begins several days before the program.  Here are a few ideas to help the school program to be a positive experience.
1.  Talk to the music teacher and the classroom teacher about the program.  Share your concerns as well as asking questions about the program.  It’s important to know as many details as possible about the actual event.  Help them understand what things will cause your child difficulty.  Find out the schedule:  Before the performance, during the performance abnd after the performance.  
2.  Prepare your child for the program.  Use a social story or a schedule to help him understand the expectations.  Ask for copies of the words of the songs, so you can help him learn them.   The more confident he is with the songs, the more energy he has to handle the social demands of the evening.  
3.  Ask for accommodations such as where the child stands, when the drop off time is, a seat on the end of a row so you can get to him if necessary.  
4. Plan (with teachers) what should be done if he can’t handle the situation on the night of the concert.  
5.  Be accessible during the concert if needed.  Sit at the end of a row or near an aisle.

There is no guarantee for success the first time, but over the years, this approach will likely produce good results.