Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Social Story for School Program

On Thursday night, December _____, John will be in the school Christmas Concert with his class.

John will go to school all day that day.  During the day, John and his class will go to the gym and practice for the program.  The teacher will tell the class all the things that will happen during the program.  After program practice John and his class will go back to the classroom and do school work.  

When school is dismissed, mom will pick John up from class.  They will drive home.  John will watch one episode of Scooby Doo.  When the show is over, John will take a shower.  After the shower, John will eat some food with his family.  After eating, it will be time for John to change into his dress up clothes mom has laid on his bed.  When it is 5:30, mom, dad and John will leave to go to school for the program.  

Dad will get a seat in the gym while mom waits with John outside the gym doors.  When John’s class comes by John he will get in line where his teacher tell him.  Mom will go into the gym and sit with dad.  John will walk with his class and stand on the risers just like in practice.  John will look out at the crowd and watch the music teacher and follow her directions.  The songs that he and his class will sing are

At the end of the song, the class will walk off the risers and John’s teacher will help him find his parents.  John and his parents will leave the concert and go home.

Mom and Dad are so excited to see and hear John in the concert.