Thursday, January 2, 2014

Organization Anyone?

Organize Your Life

Have thought (said), “I have to get more organized.”  Of course you have just like I have said that.  It’s usually when I have lost my keys for the 47th time in 3 days. Does anyone else relate.  I may even make it to Target during January when all the organizing tubs are on sale.  The problem is that any system I try to set up must be kept.  It takes work to stay organized.  As a mom of a child with learning differences I figured out that my child had few natural abilities in organization so I had to pick up the difference in his life.  I also needed some order in my life to stay sane.  What was I to do?  Here is where I landed on this subject.  Hopefully it will give some insights as each one thinks through this subject.  

I knew I need organization.  I also knew I didn’t need the pressure to keep up systems that didn’t matter.  I decided to concentrate on a few areas that organization would lower my overall stress.  Over the next few weeks we will look a a number of areas from communication to recipes.  Not every area is necessary for every family or mom but a few key areas might make a big difference in the family’s stress level.  Join me as we look at organization for the family.