Thursday, April 10, 2014

Steps to Making Goals a Reality

Last week we talked about goals for the summer.  Now we must move to the next step.  Hopefully the post helped you think through the things that you could do/plan with or for your child/ren to move forward with your goals.

It takes action to move a goal from an idea to a reality.  I will share using some of the goals I wrote in the last post.  
Go to Summer Camp
           Go to Bible School
           Practice multiplication tables

Here are some steps to help make these goals turn into reality this summer

         Determine a time that you will fill out paperwork to get your child enrolled in these activities.  They fill up so there is no better time than the present.  It won’t get done if you don’t make it a priority so decide when you are going to do it and DO IT!

Make a list of learning supplies you will need for summer.  Order them online or go to a local learning store.  If you don’t know what to buy, ask questions of the personnel.  You could ask your child’s teacher for recommendations.  If you are a do it yourself type…..there’s always pinterest.  If you like making your own  activities, make sure you put the research, shopping and preparation on your calendar.  This makes it become more than just a good intention.

Start talking to other parents about what their summer plans are.  This may help you know when you will sign your child up for some activities.  If the child that you want your son to have lots of playdates is going to be on vacation over the fourth of July, then that might be perfect for a week at camp.  

This preparation stage will help you insure your goals are more than words on a notebook page.  Start early.  You will be glad you did.