Sunday, November 30, 2014

Advocating: Christmas at School


The Christmas season has so many special moments. One place this is seen is the local school. I know it’s the winter program or the holiday concert but for most of us…’s the Christmas season. Since my son struggled with change or things that were different, I have always needed to think through any accommodations he might need during this time.

Here are some things that may cause anxiety to a learning different child during the month of December.

1. The elementary music program. There is a lot of standing, requirements of uncomfortable dress up clothes, long waits, following directions and touching of others (even if it’s an accident) during the program.

2. Even attending a school program can cause problems. A jazz concert may be soooo loud for a child with auditory sensitivities. The concert may last a long time and postpone the child’s bedtime causing behavior difficulties.

3. A child’s sense of routine may be “ruined” by a party or special program. “We HAVE to have recess today…..that’s the rule!

4. Special activities in class such as building gingerbread houses or crafts for parent gifts may cause a huge amount of anxiety.

5. The more events that are “out of the normal” routine, the more thought will be needed for accommodations.

Over the next few days, it may be good to look at your child’s schedule at school this month. If it looks a little too stressful, then a plan should be formulated to help him handle December a little better. Tomorrow’s post will cover possible accommodations for school.