Monday, December 8, 2014

Choose Well!


I like this quote by author, Ann Voskamp. I thought it was more than appropriate for early December. Busy doesn't seem like a choice. What do you think? A certain amount of busyness is inevitable but a person doesn't have to choose a ridiculous amount of busyness. By making that choice of taking on every Christmas tradition(or at least most of them) a woman chooses stress.

You say, why would anyone choose stress? The reality is that people choose stress all the time but even more so during the Christmas season. Ok, stress comes with the upheavals of real life events. Stress is a given reality but why choose more than we have to experience. Remember, there are a lot of little choices that are made that can increase stress dramatically.

Many reading this are dealing with the ongoing stress of raising a child with learning differences. You need to be an advocate every day. The difficulties come no matter what the season of the year is. Don't make life any more difficult than it already is. It takes a strong woman to go against the grain of the culture to refuse to choose busyness and stress!

What is the result? You are free to choose joy. And isn't that the best choice? Remember: Joy to the Word the Lord is Come! As Ann Voskamp encourages each person, Choose Well!