Monday, August 15, 2016

Back to School: After the School Supplies are Purchased

I remember taking my children to Target or WalMart when the school supply list came in the mail. It was early August. I’m sure there’s some reading who are thinking: didn’t they just put in on-line. On no, this was back in the dark ages, the 1990’s. Supply lists were mailed to us. It was very exciting for my girls and we would make a big day of the shopping experience. School supplies, lunch boxes, backpacks and all the rest. There was always at least 1 item that we had to go to at least 3 stores before we found it. It was usually the red correcting pencils that were only at the office supply stores.

This shopping adventure was a big part of going back to school. Little did I know, there would be a day when my son was old enough to go to school that school supplies were the least of my worries. As a mom who dealt with a child with learning differences, the issues that I concentrated on were in a different category.

1. Does the teacher understand what my son needs to be successful?

2. Is the teacher a good fit for my son?

3. How will he connect to the teacher, her classroom and the new mix of peers in his class?

4. How do I manage my son’s anxiety for “meet the teacher” event and the first day of school?

5. Lastly, how do I keep my anxiety under control with all the stress of the beginning of the school year?

My heart is with all of you as your prepare for the school year. It’s hard physically to get everything done to start the year. It’s also hard emotionally to handle all the people, transitions and think of the advocating that needs to be done. Hang in there. I’ll be here every Monday talking about how to advocate for your child.