Thursday, August 4, 2016

Family Reunion

This post is a follow up to last week's post on Gramma/Grandpa Camp. As great as this experience or anytime your children stay with others while you are away, there is a season of re-entry. It is often, kind of rough. It may seem like the child/children should be glad to see you and be back in their own home. Shouldn't it be a great reunion? That sounds great but it's rarely that way! Let's look at the why!

  • There may of not been a consistent schedule. This includes meals, bedtimes and routines.
  • Life was all about their comfort and enjoyment. That's what these weeks are all about. It is often a vacation from structure and the rules that govern your home.
  • There was likely a few more sweets and junk food then you allow.
  • Your child/children may of had a few more excesses than happen in your home. They may of negotiated and got their way a few more times than happens with you.
  • Life was about the children being the center of attention. People let them have more iPad time than you do. They took your kids to special events and bought them gifts throughout the week.

You may be thinking, this explains why the children's behavior is terrible. There are arguments, meltdowns and protests like, "I want to go live with gramma and grandpa. They're nicer than you!" This is hard for any mom. Was it worth it when this the re-entry? Yes, it was a break for everyone and a lot of fun for all. But how do you regain control in your home.


  • Realize that it may be a couple of intense days. There will be fighting, fussing and some defiance.
  • It is important to hold the line. Remind the children what your rules are and they have always been. A visual schedule and expectations might come in handy for a few days.
  • Remember, that the child/ren may be behind on sleep and good nap and early bed time may be the best thing you could do for them.
  • Remind the children who the adult is and that the adult makes the rules for children. It is always important for a child to be clear on her role and on the adult's role.

The important thing to be aware that it will take consistency to a schedule and the house rules. Communicate all of these things kindly but firmly and expect compliance. The better your follow through, the quicker things get back to normal in your home. Remember, this will pass too!