Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Learning to Prepare Food

Have you heard this cry for help? I'm hungry! Is that really a call for help? Yes it is if the child is too young or has not been taught how to fix something to eat. One step to helping a child be self sufficient is making sure he can "fend for himself" in the kitchen for at least a meal or two. This doesn't need to be extravagant food. It can be super simple. It will take work even for the easiest food preparation. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Start with a few ideas such as a peanut butter or a turkey and cheese sandwich. A couple of microwave options might be good to include.

If you need some help breaking down the steps in teaching how to make a sandwich, here is a visual resource.


Another great resource is the Special Chef. There are visuals and lists for supplies and the process.


It is important to teach your child how to use the microwave, stove and oven. The microwave is probably a good first step. It is important that he knows how to use the time as well as the microwave itself. He will need directions on how long to cook various items. Help your son/daughter to know where to find the information needed to "microwave" some food.

It may be very helpful to have a list of easy to fix items so a child doesn't have to think so hard about what to fix. He probably needs to save his energy for the steps it take to make food. If he/she is heating a prepackaged food like pizza rolls, make sure he knows he needs to read the package directions instead of asking you. He can ask you if he can't figure it out but learning information seeking skills is so very vital to later independence.