Friday, January 4, 2013

What Will the Posts Cover?

On my last post, I shared the theme of the blog. Today I thought I'd let everyone know how the blog will address the issue of learning differences in a family. I will be sharing a few things I've learned along the way. Connecting One Piece at a Time's goal is to help families normalize life. My desire is to help parents find some calm in family life and create a sustainable pace.

Sound easy? If you're reading this because you lve with learning differences in the home, you know it's not! I will post Monday - Friday with each day of the week dedicated to a topic.

Monday, we'lll look at advocating issues. Tuesday will be dedicated to diagnois and intervention. Wednesday, I will look at scripture and how God has used the Bible in my life. Thursday is dedicated to parenting. Finally, Friday will be a day that I want to be a cheerleader for parents who need some encouragement as they work in the trenches working hard as a parent.

Thanks for joining me in this new adventure