Friday, January 4, 2013

What are Learning Differences?

There is no diagnosis for this. It's a term that I use to talk about children that don't walk into a group and "just thrive." It looks different in every child but the bottom line is that the child doesn't grow and develop without some attention to his individual needs. If you have a learning different child, this becomes noticeable very early in life.

This may come in the child's academics, motor skills, social skills, thinking style, emotional abilities, or learning style preferences. A child may have difficulties in one or more areas. He may have abilities in some areas that are beyond what is typical for his age, while other areas may be lagging behind. Many of these children fall under the radar. Things seem fine until a lot is required in an area where the difficulties or differences lie.

Why? There are many reasons but I'll list a few. Many of these children eventually get diagnosed with ADHD or High Functioning autism. Some children who come to a family through adoption may of had difficult early childhood experiences such as fostercare or living in an orphanage overseas. Children who had some trauma or difficulty at birth may have these. Sometimes there doesn't seem to be any explanation
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