Monday, December 9, 2013

Advocating: A Personal Story about Church At Christmas

Let me share our story about the church Christmas program.  I am a pastor’s wife so  it’s reasonable to think that my son was always in the Church Christmas program.  Not so!  We had him do the program through first grade.  By second grade, we decided it was just too much to ask of him to do a school and a church Christmas program within a week of each other.  

School won out.  Why?  Well, those working with our son at school knew him so much better than the director of the Children’s program at church.  School personnel had learned a lot of strategies to help him through his anxious moments.  Church is a volunteer organization.  The person who leads a children’s music program is not a special needs strategist.  It was too much pressure on our son and on the program director.  We found it wasn’t fair to either.  

Yes, it was a loss.  It was a loss for me.  It was a wonderful gift to my son and the program director.  One thing, I learned with my son is …..less is more. Our family learned to pick one activity for Isaac to pursue at a time.  This enabled him to be more confident and successful .  

At this stage in my life, I am very happy that I gave up the church program.  It was best for everyone.  If anyone needs permission to do this, you have it from me!