Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Social Story: Christmas Program Practice at Church

Last week, the social story concentrated on the school program in December.  The same format could be used to create a similar social story for the church Christmas Program.  Today, the social story is for the Christmas program practices.  The church program is often practiced during sunday school but there will be a couple large group practices close to the performance.  

Jaime is going to be in the Church Christmas Program on December__________.  It will be in the evening.  Before the program there will be a practice on Saturday December_______ and December_________.  The practices will last from 10 -12 in the morning.  

When Jaime and mom arrive at the practice, they will go into the church auditorium and sit with Jaime’s sunday school class.  All the boys and girls can talk to each other until the teacher up front tells them it’s time for the practice to begin.  After that, they must be very quiet to hear all the directions.  

After the directions are given, mom will hand Jaime a fidget from her sensory kit.  Jaime can play with it quietly in her seat until her class is directed on stage.  Before she leaves her seat to go up front, she will hand mom her fidget.  

Once on stage, Jaime will stand quietly with her hands to herself.  She will look at the director and listen to instructions. She will follow directions and sing with her class when they practice their songs for the program.  After Jaime’s class is dismissed to return to their seats, Jaime will walk to her seat with her class.  When she sits  down, mom will hand her another fidget from the sensory kit.  Jaime may exchange the toy for another every 5 minutes.  Mom will keep track of the time on her phone.  This will continue until the practice is over.

Jaime will do a great job following the Christmas practice plan. Jaime and mom will be so happy that Jaime followed the plan.