Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Following God’s Plan When Doesn’t Make Sense!

As I was contemplating God’s directions to Abraham this week, I thought, “This doesn’t make sense when I look at this from my viewpoint.”  Here’s how it went.  Lot’s of stuff that didn’t make sense to Abraham:
1.  Sarah his wife (age 89) was going to have a baby within a year when she had never been able to conceive a child in the past.
2.  God was going going to bless Abraham through this child that was yet to be born.
3.  The blessing would come to Abraham’s descendants for generations to come.
4.  God made a covenant with Abraham sealed with a command to circumcise all males.  
5.  Did is just say Circumcise all males (why this?)

God has his ways and they don’t make sense to us and that’s where trust in the all-knowing, all-powerful, all wise God comes into play.  Let’s live out the words of a popular Christian Song, He Knows what He’s Doing….. From Group Love and the Outcome.....

It is so important that I remember that God is with me and is for me. It keeps me looking up rather than at myself!