Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Toy Deals Are Coming!


Black Friday and Cyber Monday bring lots of deals to encourage Christmas Shopping. Toys and games will be at their lowest prices of the year. You can spend so much money on things your child will never use. What should you buy?

I would encourage you to look at toys that help a child develop in the following areas.

  1. Speech and Language. Think about basic areas of vocabulary. Animals, food, vehicles, household items and other categories. There are lots of toys that promote these areas of language. Books, both fiction and non-fiction are great tools for language development.
  2. Gross motor. This can be scooters, bikes, balls and anything that gets your child moving.
  3. Fine motor. Arts and craft materials and kits are great for this. All kinds of modeling materials like playdoh and clay are inexpensive and fun options. Lacing cards, pegboards and puzzles are other great toys for these skills.
  4. Social emotional. Dolls, imaginative sets(dollhouse, zoos, Pirates, Cowboys, jungles, kitchens) and board games. There is nothing better for emotional regulation, handling disappointment and taking turns than board and card games.
  5. Sensory exploration. Many of the fine motor toys provide different tactile experiences. Many of the gross motor toys also do this. Sensory books are great for tactile experiences. Musical instruments and song cd's handle this, as well.
  6. My favorites are blocks(all kinds), puzzles, and books.

Hopefully this will help you as you try to purchase toys to help your child grow and develop.