Thursday, November 20, 2014

Toys: The Tools for Children affected by Learning Differences

Yes, it is the season. The best deals on toys will be in the coming weeks. Today, let's open up a discussion about toys. I love toys!! I have a great weakness for good toys so this series is very fun for me. Is this about Christmas gifts? Partly but it's mostly centered on using Christmas and birthdays to equip your home with the tools that are needed to help your child develop and make progress.

We've been discussing developing a home therapy program. Toys are a part of it. What kind of toys? Where should they be? What if my child doesn't play with the toys he has? Where do I purchase these toys? How do I store them? What about DIY toys? Where do games fit in?

We will tackle these questions over the next few weeks. Next time we will look at what types of toys a home therapy program needs. See you then