Thursday, December 4, 2014

Parenting: The School Program


The night is here. It’s time for the program. If possible, mom and dad should go separately if there are other children in the family participating in the program. Why? Let’s explore the reasons.

1) It is important to be sitting near an aisle toward the front of the auditorium. This enables a quick retrieval, if necessary. This will take one parent getting to the church early to secure this seating. Believe me, lots of parents want to be right up front and will be there early with cameras in hand.

2 It is best if the child with learning differences doesn’t have to get to church early. This program can cause sensory overload, no reason to make him (or you) endure it any longer than necessary. On the way to school go over the schedule, the behavior expectations and anything else you might think of. It’s important to go over the “what if this happens?” There are always unexpected things that happen. Do your best to help your child mentally prepare for them. I might add, read the social story(many times) you’ve written in the week preceding the concert.

Be willing to “exit stage right, if it’s just not going well. With learning differences, there’s always next year.