Wednesday, April 5, 2017

It's All About the One That's Loved

This month, I see a lot of posts to express the fact it is autism awareness month. I know there are tons of disabilities with awareness days and months but autism is the one in my life. It affects me as a mom of a young man who was diagnosed on the spectrum just about 14 years ago. I have spent many days praying for him, learning strategies and attempting to use those strategies to help him. I've cried many tears on his behalf. I've tried lots of things. Some have worked, some have not. He has made some amazing progress through the years. I'm not finished. I am learning new ways to help him develop his own abilities. 


Interestingly, I have made many mom friends who walk a similar path. Our children have different needs. As mothers, we have different passions. Some love one autism organization and another mom doesn't want anything to do with that group. As with anything else in life, opinions differ on views of autism. There is definitely a"spectrum" of thoughts regarding this diagnosis by parents.

Some parents are politically involved. Others organize fund raisers. Still others start support groups for parents. My passion is working with children who have autism and helping families develop a lifestyle that helps them progress. I believe the day-in day-out life of a family affected by autism is a key to progress.

I have to admit, I don't get involved in some of the controversial discussions that are appearing online this month. I have found that I have to concentrate on my passion and calling in autism. Others may have different interests as an autism parent. I have a strong conviction that my calling is not anyone else's. It is important that I give other autism moms the freedom to pursue their passion and calling. No one needs to be me and I don't have to do things just like someone else. This is true in all of life. It is also true in the world of being a disability mom. Allow yourself the freedom to be yourself while doing the same for your friends.

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