Friday, January 18, 2013

Is your Glass Half Full?

 I usually see this question asked, "Is the glass half- empty or half fulll? We know the idea is "perspective" in the situation. It is so easy, expecially parenting a child with challenges, to go the negative route. We know life isn 't perfect but we kind of think it should be. Many times, we tend toward negativity unless everything has unfolded according to our plans.

We've heard the phrase, "Stuff happens." But we don't expect it to happen to us. When it does, it catches us off guard. The reality is that when things go perfectly according to plan, that's abnormal. The normal things in life are a burnt dinner, a husband who has to travel for work when the baby is sick, kids who are crying during family pictures and a temper tantrum in the grocery store (and that's the mom).!

Let's realize that life won't be perfect but it's still good. Enjoy it for what it is and look for the little joys in life. You just might find more than you ever thought possible.