Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Social Story for Christmas Eve Service

Today’s social story is for the Christmas Eve Service. There are so many variables to Christmas Eve Service but here is a brief overview of a possible social Story. Each family will need to tweak it according to your family, church and schedule.

On Christmas Eve which is December 24, our family is going to the 3:30 service at Valley Church. Grandma and Grandpa will go with us. Billy will play at home until 2:00. At 2:00, Billy will take a shower and then put on the clothes mom lays on his bed. After putting on the clothes, Billy may play X Box until 3:00. At 3:00, Billy will get his coat and gloves on. If it is snowy outside, he will wear his boots.

Billy and his family will go to church. Everyone will go into the auditorium because there are no kids classes on Christmas Eve. After sitting down, Billy and his family will sing and listen to the service. Billy will sit in his chair but may ask for a hand fidget. He must ask mom in a quiet voice.

Billy may go up and sit in front when the Pastor invites the children for the children’s message. During this message, Billy should sit on the stage quietly and watch the pastor. When the children are dismissed, Billy comes back to his seat and sits quietly for the rest of the service.

After Church, mom will have a surprise for Billy for following the rules. He must follow the rules to get a surprise. Mom and dad are looking forward to giving this surprise to Billy and will be so proud of him for following the Christmas Eve plan.

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